Sport Club Manager

Say goodbye to mindless data entry and hello to more time to focus on what's important. Now, everything you need about club management is on your iOS device.

Sport Club is an application that will allow you to more easily manage all organizational and administrative aspects of your sports club.

With Sport Club Manager, you can always have with you the data relating to members of the registration, the situation of medical certificates, and all information regarding payments of quotas, providing a valuable aid for the compilation of the budget.

The application is based on an internal database, so your data is always available for each type of operation in the event of unavailability of the internet line. Also, if you have an available Dropbox account, you can use the synchronization function that allows you to save on Dropbox cloud of your data so that you have a current backup safe and, above all, to have the ability to share data with other people in your club. In practice, sharing the account of Dropbox with other administrators, you can always have the data synchronized and updated in real-time.

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