All You Need to Know About the Golden Dragon Game

by Natasha

Golden dragon game is a very unusual and fresh experience that gives you a ride into excitement and riches, both at the same time. It is a set of online, 50 Asian-themed games where a golden dragon guides you throughout the journey.

The golden dragon games offer amazing bonuses and promotions as well. So, if you are interested and want to know more about this amazing game. The wait is over.

So, let’s spin the wheel and have a detailed understanding of the game- the golden dragon game.

What Is Unique About the Golden Dragon Game?

It’s a traditional slot contest with three spins, five pay lines, and ten distinct winning combinations. Microgaming has designed the slot machine. Golden dragon game includes gambling requirements of 0.25 pounds for the lowest wager and 25 pounds for the highest bet.

A considerable amount of five thousand coins is the reward for a jackpot. You can also play the autoplay option in expert mode.

The highest jackpot is 1200 credits, but some additional techniques can be used to increase the total. The least sum you can get is eight credits.

Even if you are paid inadequately, you end up getting 40 free spins. But you need to find at least three icons.

The fantasy features

The Golden dragon game has a touch of fantastical adventure that makes it different from other games. An army of dragons is defending a treasure of coins hidden here and there. You have to explore a little deeper to discover these.

The dragons loom in the shadows, waiting to burst out and make your ride more adventurous. They might topple over the throne and make you lose your game.

Who can play it?

This game can be played by everyone and can be downloaded easily. You can play it for free, without any registration, online or offline, at any time of the day.

Playing the demonstration version helps you understand the game and increase your chances of winning.

Bonus game

The golden dragon games enable the players to play a bonus game that increases the chance of winning. The lucky players will see three scatter symbols on the screen indicating a series of free spins. Coins earned through these extra spins are credited to the player’s account later on after the bonus mode ends.

Playing directions

You can find all the directions to play the game at the bottom of the screen. There are controllers for bet one, bet max, spin, and switches to adjust the bet.

You can play for free to understand the game, but the actual game begins after you involve money.


The best thing about the golden dragon game is that there is no tip or trick to win; instead, all you need is pure luck. And to top that, they pay you well.

Players with experience should not place minimum wagers and play at least five times. Getting a bonus multiplies your winning chances tenfold.

So, if you are seeking a thrill, register yourself in the Golden Dragon game and let the fun begin!

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