How to Pressure wash Minus an outside Tap

by Natasha

A pressure washer is equipment that has made extreme cleaning super easy. However, it requires plenty of water pressured through the unit and sprayed at a force through the nozzle. That is why the hose is connected to an outside tap with a good flow of water in most cases. However, not everyone can have a well-established outside tap, or the outside tap can get damaged and affect the flow of water, but you still have to clean. That is why this article explores possible approaches you can consider when you don’t have an outside tap to achieve maximum cleaning with your pressure washer.

Is it a Must to Have an Outside Tap During Pressure Washing?

An outside tap only simplifies the cleaning process. However, some pressure washers come with an in-built water supply. Also, you can connect to an external water source and continue with the cleaning process with ease.

Note: When connecting the hose to the water source, be careful not to cause damage. Read and explore the manual carefully since the process isn’t about fixing the hose and turning on the pressure.

In most instances, pressure washers have in-built features that allow them to handle cleaning services while using a bucket.

Using a Pressure Washer without an outdoor tap.

Once your pressure washer starts running, it draws more water for cleaning purposes. For instance, commercial pressure washers use up to about 8 – 10 water gallons per minute. So, when using a pressure washer minus connecting the hose to the outdoor tap, you need to consider the following:

Clean water– The water you are using should be clear, clean, and free from solid particles. After all, your desire is to achieve maximum cleaning, and if the water is dirty, you will fail in your mission. Also, if the water has some debris and other dirt particles, it can easily damage the pressure washer.

Enough water: Do not let your pressure washer run out of water while in operation. Ensure you have plenty of water before you begin cleaning.

Enough pressure: Pressure washers enhance extreme cleaning through the use of pressure. So, ensure the pressure settings are as required for better services.

Ways to Use a pressure washer minus an outside tap

  • Using a water barrel

If you don’t have an outside tap, you can still pressure clean effectively using a water barrel. The barrel helps collect rainwater, which you can store for later pressure cleaning activities. Most common water barrels can hold up to 300 gallons of water, which is enough to achieve maximum pressure cleaning services. In addition, these water barrels have taps at the bottom, and you can easily connect your pressure washer and start cleaning.

  • Using an indoor tap

Another beautiful idea to pressure clean mint an outside tap is connecting the hose to your indoor tap. For example, you can connect the hoe through the window with the kitchen tap. However, ensure the hose is long enough to reach the kitchen tap and the place you want to clean.


If you enjoy pressure cleaning your home, don’t let the idea of not having an outside tap or a damaged tap deter you from doing the cleaning. Instead, use the concepts in this article and continue with your cleaning services.

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