[User Guide] A Comprehensive Guide to Using the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

by Natasha

With its immersive screen, S Pen, reassuring durability and productivity-enhancing features, who wouldn’t be eager to give the Galaxy Z Fold3 a try? Hesitation on the part of users who haven’t used foldables before is understandable though, given the device’s range of cutting-edge features.

For those users who are unsure of how to get the best out of foldable devices, Samsung Newsroom has taken an up-close look at the device and how best to use it. Check out the user guide below to learn more about what it is like to use the Galaxy Z Fold3, including the device’s comfortable grip, innovative features and newly added S Pen, which is being included with a foldable phone for the first time ever.

Question 1] Will users with smaller hands be able to use the Galaxy Z Fold3 comfortably?

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is lighter, thinner and narrower than its predecessor, giving it a more comfortable grip and better portability. The phone’s horizontal width when folded is 67.1mm, which is a 0.9mm reduction on its predecessor. This means the phone provides a comfortable, snug grip even for those with smaller hands.

The fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy Z Fold3 is also mounted at the point where the thumb touches the device, which allows for more convenient use of the device’s large cover screen. This means users no longer have to place their fingers on the screen to unlock the phone. The top, bottom and sides of the phone were also designed with bold, clean lines to provide smoother usability.

Question 2] How durable is the Galaxy Z Fold3 in practice?

With its significantly enhanced water resistance, users can use the Galaxy Z Fold3 with confidence regardless of where they are or what the weather is like. The phone has a water resistance rating of IPX8,1 which means it can withstand submergence in fresh water that is up to 1.5m deep for up to 30 minutes. This means you can relax when using the Galaxy Z Fold3 to check your map app for directions while you’re out a drizzly day, or when you’re looking up recipes with wet hands.

And the Galaxy Z Fold3’s unwavering durability gives you further peace of mind. The new protective films on the phone’s main displays, for instance, increase screen durability by 80 percent compared to its predecessor. The device also includes ‘Armor Aluminum’ and enhanced ‘Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™’, which are some of the strongest materials ever used in smartphones.

With this new resilience, you no longer need to worry much about your phone getting scratched when you put it into a small bag with other items. Likewise, you can feel confident keeping your phone in your pocket with other items so that you have it on hand right away when you want to make calls or take photos.

Question 3] Is the large Main Screen really useful for viewing things?

Now it’s time to use the Galaxy Z Fold3’s camera to take epic pictures. ‘Capture View’ on the Galaxy Z Fold3 allows users to view, delete, and share the pictures they have just taken without going into the Gallery app.

After launching the camera, click the capture view icon in the upper-left of the screen. If users take pictures while the icon is illuminated, they will be able to check the pictures they just took on the left half of the screen. Pressing and holding on a picture allows them to conveniently delete or share images, which comes in handy for both getting rid of the poor shots and sharing the good ones with friends. In addition, this is of great help when trying to capture the perfect picture of fast-moving subjects, such as children, pets or people playing sports.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is the first foldable phone to support the S Pen. Users can use the S Pen to draw or take notes by hand, thus further enhancing their productivity.

To take notes while watching online lectures or videos in Flex mode, simply launch Samsung Notes by double tapping the lower half of the screen while holding down the button on the side of the S Pen.

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